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From Pixels To Places

A look back at a year of MOVIMENTO.

From pixels to places, from website to on-site, from digital to physical; 2022 has been a great year for Movimento as we have been able to do some incredibly exciting things and share with you all the amazing talent within Movimento in new ways. As the year draws to an end, we wanted to re-live, reminisce & recount some of the highlights of the year.

New Website.

We started the year by launching our new website, a clear, one-stop-shop to discover the most amazing new design from around the world.

New Products.

Movimento would not be anything without the amazing products that come through it. We are always surprised and thrilled by the talent shown by a global array of designers. These are some of the first pieces we launched this year.

Pictured: (Clockwise) Banquito Pompis - Chuch Estudio, Two Twins - Max Funkat, La Celebracion - Joyful Objects, Yes!, Mitochondria - Isin Sezgi Avci, Traaf Bench - Tim Vranken, Twin Storage - Max Funkat.

Designed to help.

As a response to the horrible situation in Ukraine and thanks to the initiative of our thoughtful designers we launched Designed To Help: a sale of donated design pieces with 100% of sales going to charities selected by the designers. See some of the donated pieces below:

Pictured: (Clockwise) Mono Side Table - Lucas Faber, Ataraxia Vases - Felix Pöttinger & Rosa Kammermeier, Spina - Portego, Luna Lamp - Estudio Persona, Maat tables - STEM Design.


In May of this year, Movimento made the move from digital (pixels) to physical (places) by holding its first physical exhibition as a part of Collectible Design Fair in Brussels. On display were pieces from as far as Korea, Russia, Mexico, Australia and more.

©Ben Baltus

Milan Design Week.

Following on from Collectible Design Fair, Movimento took ‘Origins.’ to Milan for an exhibition in conjunction with Milan Design Week inside GROUND, a practice, laboratory and research platform founded by Domingo Communication.

©Veronica Pinelli

In Search of Lost Time.

Movimento Club, as part of the 4th edition of Lake Como Design Festival, presented the exhibition "In Search of Lost Time" . The title for the exhibition is lifted from Marcel Proust’s acclaimed work by the same name, an impressive 4,000-page novel that took over 13 years to finish.

‘In Search of Lost Time’ was billed as an exhibition of 21st century design set within a backdrop of neo-classicalism; the stark contrast between the two ideas asking questions of time, perception and reflection.

©Lorenzo R. Gerli

That pretty much sums it up! A great year full of surprises and exciting events. More to come next year!

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