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Amaury D'Hulst

Amaury D'Hulst

Montreal, Canada

Amaury D'Hulst is a designer researcher based in Montreal, Canada. His work focuses on our relationship to time, the relationships that we can make between the past, the present and the future.

“My projects are the transcription of a personal sensibility that I try to share in each object with its user.This sensibility is expressed by the material, the form or the function. My role as a designer is to offer people an exploration of visual wonder as a means of emotional well being".

Manatsu Mirror - Amaury D'Hulst

Manatsu is a mirror that is inspired by what we experience.We can see in it the warm representation of a strong moment, that of a season, of summer. It is these warm colors captured in a perfect circle that animate a feeling of radiance and relaxation. The variation and gradation between each color provides a rhythm, a depth that invites the contemplation of the mirror as an object beyond the reflection of its own image. A graphic work inspired by our past, executed by the machine of the present.

WONG Mirror - Amaury D'Hulst

The gradation of colors reflects this tension that resides in every mind. Object of a reflection of the visual perception. The concept of immorality becomes meaningful with the creation of this mirror. We can see two contradictory geometrical shapes: the circle and the polygon. The confrontation of both represents the duality of human beings’ perception, which is different for everyone. The gradation of the color inside the circle and the polygon represents the confrontation of human perceptions connected to their actions.

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