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Wood and Woodworking

2022 is upon us and that means many different things for all of us. For Movimento it means new products, new designers and new, exciting ways to spread the work of our members. The first new member of 2022 is Mexican design studio Chuch Estudio who are sharing with us an incredibly playful piece called Banquito Pompis (or the butt stool). Ever so slightly tongue and cheek, it still contains some inviting forms and shows some serious wood-carving expertise, which comes as no surprise seeing as it is hand-sculpted in Mexico. While sharing this Banquito Pompis with you, we wanted to highlight some other wood-centric pieces within Movimento and show just how versatile it can be as a material when processed in different ways.

Banquito Pompis

Carrying on from the hand carved curves of banquito Pompis, the following pieces have been carved to give a new and original texture to the piece.

Time of Action Coffee Table

Wood, as we know, lends itself incredibly well to construction and carpentry, so it’s no surprise that our members have used these capabilities to create some beautiful products.

Dragon Shelf Crooked Chair Bangu

Then there is Veneer, a super thin layer of wood applied to another material (or type of wood). This process allows you to find incredible and rare textures and make them go a very long way.

SSB01W Separé ii

Clearly, wood has a huge potential for processing and we are probably only seeing the very beginning of it. Wood experts, Studio F share with us two more processes, dying and burning, both of which can be seen below.

Planar 001 Mammuth

Explore these pieces and more at Movimento Club.

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