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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Creating objects is like playing with the forces of nature on scale.

The natural sciences and specifically the characteristics of materials are David Derksen’s main sources of inspiration. The behaviour of materials and their processing and construction methods are the main focus of his work. In his designs he tries to express the beauty of materials and the way objects are made.

David Derksen graduated in 2009 at the Design Academy Eindhoven and completed his MSc degree in 2011 at Industrial Design TU Delft. During his studies he started his studio in Rotterdam where he works on new lighting, furniture and other interior products. He alternates between industrial design and more experimental projects where he is pushing the boundaries of materials. David Derksen works on self initiated projects as well as commissioned ones.


Florence, Italy

Tipstudio, co-founded by Imma Matera and Tommaso Lucarini, is a Florentine creative duo operating in different fields of design with an experimental approach. She is a product designer and he is a designer maker, they are determined to transform any idea into a narrative and emotional products. Their research is a dialogue about art, design and craft with a deep care of matter, process and details. In their works they investigate a strong material expressiveness to generate sensorial experiences. They are linked to the roots of a territory expressed through a personal experience and poetic vision.

Tipstudio belives in the narrative and emotion power of an object.


London, United Kingdom

ilco is an art and design studio formed by Madeleine Duflot (b.1994), from Strasbourg, France, and Koa Pham (b.1993) from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, origins that are derived and merged into the studio name (‘il’ meaning ‘he’ in French and ‘co’ adopted from ‘she’ in Vietnamese).

They met during their BA studies in Product Design at Central Saint Martins (2016), and founded their practice in 2017. Madeleine went on to study a graduate diploma in Fine Arts (2018) and a master degree in Spatial Design (2019) at Chelsea College of Art, while Koa completed a master degree in Industrial Design (2019) at Central Saint Martins.

“Our aim is to increase people’s wellbeing through the environment they live in and experience daily, by filling it up with playful and thought-provoking objects and furniture. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of the arts and want to demystify the ‘holly artwork’, to make interactions with artworks casual and accessible to everyone. Merging art with design, we create works that have both spiritual and

practical functions.”

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