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Jan Ankiersztajn

Poznan, Poland

Jan Ankiersztajn is an independent Polish designer. He executes all designs by himself constantly mastering his craft. He is interested in continuous verification of ideas through the construction of numerous prototypes which he perceives as three dimensional sketches. He attaches great importance to the production processes, remains curious and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

Victor Hahner

Neustadt, Germany

Victor Hahner is a German artist working on unique pieces. His studio is based in the south of Germany. Inspired from material and craftsmanship he creates objects between art and furniture.

"I work very intuitively, always directly on the material. The creation of a new piece happens spontaneously and in a kind of trance. I am so fixated in material and form that I can forget the surroundings around me for hours. I then start to play with the material and try to understand the shape and feel. I create a harmonious balance between the object and myself. That’s how I try to combine the character and the emotions of the original material and mine."

Studio A Designs

Beirut, Lebanon

“Studio A” by Ahmad Bazazo is a newly established multidisciplinary design practice which specializes in the creation of unique spaces and pieces. The Studio challenges the notions of traditional design by pushing the boundaries of material experimentation and precision in order to create objects of the highest possible quality. It is not driven by a given style, but rather by a principal of producing bespoke made to measure objects that bring light and focus into the spaces that they encompass.

The studio aims to create bespoke pieces, while also having a permanent collection that can be customized in terms of materials and finishes. All pieces are handmade and finished using only the finest of local Lebanese master craftsmen, which is at the core of their values in order to provide a high end middle eastern product.

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