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João Marcos Moreira

João Marcos Moreira

Porto, Portugal

Ancestral heritage, tribes, lost civilisations and ritualistic adornments:

João Marcos Moreira is a Portuguese designer and artist, born in 1993 in Porto.

From an early age, he felt touched by the objects and stories from his grandfather’s past in Africa, making his journey adorned with mystery and symbology. Now he's simultaneously developing furniture, jewellery, and paintings, sculpting his atmosphere through different types of objects.

The creative process in João Marcos’ collection is reinforced by the connection between space, time & history – A continuous, undated collection that is based on his passion and sensibility toward ancestral heritage, tribes, lost civilizations, and ritualistic adornments.

It can be seen as a journey from primitivism to art deco, in a harmonious dialogue between different phases of human evolution.

Each piece João Marcos Moreira designs are signed, and most of them are produced in a limited number - as if they were lost in time.


Weaving through cave walls, ancient symbols and time-hidden messages, JMM_CT1 is an evocation of a mysterious journey.

Limited edition of 20 + 3AP in roman Travertino & brass.

Explore the work of João Marcos Moreira by clicking any of the images.

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