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Joyful Objects, Yes!

Joyful Objects, Yes!

Mexico City

Joyful Objects, Yes! is a design studio based in México City, founded in 2021 by an industrial designer originally from Yucatán, México, Joy Valdez, founder of two brands with experience for more than 12 years.

JOY JOY studio explores fun & unique objects that are limited editions.

La Celebracion - Joyful Objects, Yes!

La Celebración is a statement piece inspired by unusual sensual kinetic forms.

The huge mirror is handmade by local artisans in Michoacan, Mexico.

The mirror comes in two stunning versions, one in coloured fiberglass, bringing fun, playful shades into the home. And the other in carefully handwoven Chuspata fibers, both equally striking and charismatic.

Explore the work of Joyful Objects, Yes! by clicking any of the images.

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