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Juliana Maurer

Juliana Maurer

Berlin, Germany

A curiosity for unconventional interactions with materials:

Juliana Maurer is a multidisciplinary artist and designer driven by a curiosity for unconventional interactions with materials. Her approach is a mixture of controlled and uncontrolled processes to create a space for unexpected outcomes. Always with the focus on the material as the main actor and guide. She combs her surroundings, nature and everyday life in order to find a surprising exchange between surfaces, materiality and shape.

Her material explorations are implemented in graphics, objects, material research as well as in sculptures, photography and spatial installations.

A Walk in The Forest - Juliana Maurer

Nature is a central theme in Julianas’ work. By studying textures, structures and colours from nature and by observing, discovering and collecting, she approaches natural forms and found objects and translates them into new works. The technique Juliana uses on the objects helps her to get into a hyper-focused state. The term hyperfocus describes a special state of intense concentration. In several hours of work and under high concentration, every single lamella is attached to the main clay body. A Walk in the Forest (AWitF) explores themes of time and self-reflection.

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