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Seoul, South Korea

Donghoon Sohn is the Founder / Designer of ATELIER SOHN. SOHN is his last name and literally means "hand" and "craftsmanship" in Korean. His origin of thinking is based on all-time values and people`s daily life in contemporary society. He is trying to seek new alternatives through experiments and observations. He not only has successful stories in IT industry but also proves his worth in art direction, objet and collaboration project in living industry and luxury brand


Johannesburg, South Africa

Inspired by the pure and natural condition of form, inborn and progressive cultures and sustainability. KUMSUKA's philosophy is to uplift, convey and become one with the cycle of human habitat evolution by imagining and crafting a world unseen today.

KUMSUKA was founded in 2015 by South African born human psyche enthusiast, an environmentalist and a natural creator, Siyanda Mazibuko.


Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kononenko ID was founded in 2012, in Ukraine by Julia Kononenko and Kravchenko Artem. Their slogan "The art of transforming an idea into a form!" is the ideology behind their work. When dealing with the tasks set before them, in the design of objects, they strive to create not only an aesthetically attractive, beautiful and modern thing but they try to also make it affordable. The mission, is the creation of objects for people, a mass attractive design, accessible to the middle class, design that causes consumer confidence.

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