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London, UK

Jesper Eriksson is a Finnish/Swedish artist based in London. Through his practice, Jesper investigates the relationship and intersection of people, culture and material.

With a focus on coal as an innovative material, Jesper's research-based and hands-on approach have led him to create sculptural works that form a contemporary narrative from existing historical, socioeconomic and cultural contexts.


London, UK

Nebbia Works is a London based, multidisciplinary design studio founded by Brando Posocco and Madhav Kidao.

They design at the peripheries of Architecture; where rationality meets irrationality; where expertise meets romance.

They design structures, environments, experiences and objects that are visceral, thoughtful and enthralling.


Naples, Italy

Bhulls, that literally means “best hulls“, is an independent design studio based in Naples. A creative partnership between product designer Riccardo Parmiciano Borgström and visual designer Giorgia Farina, that combines innovation, handcrafting and sustainability to produce limited-edition projects.

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