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New Members


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Studio Verbaan is known for its contemporary, limited designs. The studio uses simple graphic forms to create timeless and enduring designs. Just as their work, the founders Jordi Verbaan and Solange Frankort are a mix of furniture design and art. Jordi Verbaan is a well-rounded artistic artisan woodworker and Solange Frankort is conceptual artist. Together the duo are in constant research between the purpose of function and materials in spatial environment.


Kortrijk, Belgium

Fractall is the Belgium based design practice founded by Arne Desmet. Inspired by patterns and textures found in nature and fascinated by man made materials and production processes, the objects in the Fractall collection appear both natural and industrial. Despite their sculptural appearance, each object is highly functional.


Seoul, South Korea

Chaeyoung Lee is a designer and craft artist based in Seoul. She works on furniture and objects inspired by the idea of every life.

“Our lives are finite and limited, but they have all the positive possibilities. However, no one can stand alone. I want to look at all the things that support us. We get to know when we see it, and when we get to know it, we get the chance.

So I will look into things that I can't see and find value and beauty in them.”

Explore the work of these designers by clicking any of the images.

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