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Oliver Whyte

Oliver Whyte

Cape Town, South Africa

Exploring the relationship between form and material:

Oliver Whyte is an award winning design studio that places materials, techniques and processes at the heart of its practice. Founded by Ross Robertson in 2019 and based in Cape Town, the studio explores the reimagination of what furniture could be and tries to inject imagination, fun and joy into every piece.


Heavy is a series of furniture that explores the relationship between form and material, blending the ideas of man made and nature. Inspired by ancient Dolmen structures and Brutalist architecture, the pieces in the heavy collection mimic the natural feel of the rocks used in the Dolmen construction and take cues from certain details used in the Brutalist movement. Each table explores the many textures, creases and shapes that occur naturally in rocks and mimicked through the handmade resin layering technique in environmentally friendly water- based acrylic resin material that encapsulates each piece.

The full collection consists of one side table, coffee table, console and mirror and each piece is available in a number of colours.

Explore the work of Oliver Whyte by clicking any of the images.

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