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Solène Bonnet

Solène Bonnet

Paris, France

“a dialogue between digital tools and the physical world”

Graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2021 and now located in Paris, Solène Bonnet is a designer whose practice focuses on new technologies and the way those impact the human body. Creating a dialogue between digital tools and the physical world, her approach concerns both fiction and function and materialises through fanciful and digital aesthetics.

Flesh Factory - Solène Bonnet

Flesh factory is a commentary on the rise in popularity of face filters, the way beauty standards are altered by this technology, and the cosmetic procedures that are resulting. Translating this societal fact through a daily life object from IKEA digitally sculpted, the mirror invites the viewer to re-enact the phenomenon by staring at its own misshapen reflection.

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