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Vahe Ensemble

Vahe Ensemble

Pune, India

Paper infused with brutalism:

When we here at Movimento realise that we are about to launch our first designer from a certain country, we are always both surprised and exited. Every corner of the world, as far as we can tell, is harbouring some incredible talent in the collectible design sphere.

India is of course no stranger to amazing design, with designers such as Nipa Doshi and Sathyendra Pakhale blazing a path for young Indian designers to make their mark. Indian brands too, the likes of Scarlet Splendour who create some of the wackiest and most whimsical pieces currently on the market. So then it was only a matter of time before we received our first submission from India and what a submission it is.

It’s with great pleasure that we are able to introduce to you Vahe Ensemble, founded by the very talented Vaishnavi Walvekar.

“Vahe Ensemble, is the manifestation of a journey that set foot to reimagine Indian crafts into atypical objects and collectibles. An ode to the innovations of yesterday.”

Take Two - Vahe Ensemble

Take Two is a part of a limited series of hand-sculpted objects constructed from paper infused with brutalism. Take Two is a two-part floor mirror that allows you to take second glance. The raw material reveals it's tactile textural character, owing much to the organic edges that surround the interior of the mirrors. This mirror is a part of an ensemble that is an ode to the indigenous craft of Paper Mache in Kashmir, India.

Explore the work of Vahe Ensemble by clicking any of the images.

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