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Sofie Østerby

Sofie Østerby

Copenhagen, Denmark

“a constant intuitive balancing between material presence and shape”

Sofie Østerby is a Copenhagen-based designer working in various creative areas spanning from furniture and interior design to producing unique sculptural works.

Her creative process combines both physical and digital aspects and frequently involves collaborating with local workshops and furniture manufacturers. 3D printing, casting, cutting, and milling are recurring techniques using mainly metals, stone, glass and wood as final materials.

By merging traditional crafts and materials with modern techniques each product is obtaining a unique corporeality. She describes her design method as “a constant intuitive balancing between material presence and shape”. She finds beauty in the imperfect and as a result the individual irregularities of a given material and traces of production are highly valued in final pieces.


Our surrounding natural landscape inspired the concept behind Slope table. The surface of earth is evermore manipulated to suit growing cities and infrastructure, as we see only less of it. To technically describe the landscape we use topographic maps that rely on contours and layers to depict earth’s three dimensional surface in two dimensions. The non-uniform shapes of the table are interpretations of such maps, where each component refers to a “layer” or section as if it were peeled out of the scenery.

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