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Throughout the 18th century, acclaimed romantic author Edmund Burke studied in great depth the unexpected presence of beauty in nature. Be it the face of a cliff, the bark of a tree or a crashing waterfall; in nature, he noted, something can be vast, loud or rough and still be beautiful. Burke stated in his 1757 treatise, that this new kind of beauty, unexpected beauty, should have its place too in art.

With “The Blue Flower”, MOVIMENTO explores and celebrates the more unexpected places we find beauty, in nature and beyond. The blue flower is a well-known symbol in romantic literature. In a world where nature is made up mostly of varying shades of the colour green, the blue flower represents the rare, the unexpected and the unique.

Photography: Marcello Maranzan

Full list of exhibitors below:

Caralarga MX

Pablo Octavio

Henry Baumann


Maximiliano Crovato

Joana Teixeira


Heike Buchfelder

Anderson Hsu

Estudio Mais Alma


Juliana Maurer

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