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  • Molecule comprises sister sculptures that create new geometries from a recurring, recognizable fragment. Dotted with holes, the structures explore the capacity of the repeating torus and its variations, for both transparency and solidity. The resulting composition is an apparently solid thing, a collection of holes held together, suggestive of a box but devoid of its corners or planes, simultaneously delicate and rigid. Its whimsical architecture mildly suggestive of its use as table, pedestal, vase or vessel.


    Molecule draws inspiration from the kaleidoscopic patterns of handmade Athangudi tiles from South India, distinctive in their repeating circle and flower patterns of saturated color. In repetition, both of form and process, Molecule finds its softness.





    Molecule 222

    • Designer: Soft-Geometry

      Country of Origin: USA

      Dimensions (cm): 33 x 33 x 33 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      Each fragment of the molecule is molded by hand and cast in resin, after which they are chiseled and carved to form wood-style mortise and tenon joints. They are further bonded by filling in the same resin material as glue, and finally fitted with steel butterflies for reinforcement.  This suspension between industrial materials and ritualistic hand-making is a recurring theme in soft-geometry’s practice, inspired by the imperfect and intuitive hand-building in Indian craft traditions.