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  • Sienna captures the color of the calm earth which has always surrounded all things. Through the two methods of surface finishing, Seungjoon Song would like to imply the ‘time’ of the land that has been forming since the beginning of everything. The combination of the polished surface of the human-finished lacquer and the raw, abstract surface of the natural-finished oxidation forms a quiet change and contrast.




    • Designer: SEUNGJOON SONG

      Country of Origin: South Korea

      Dimensions (cm):  47.5 x 28 x 47.5 (H). 

      Price: excl. VAT


      The metal blocks were first partially lacquer and the rest naturally oxidized to create a red-brown, tone-on-tone hue. I thought lacquer and oxidation were the method of surface finish that implied the concept of time. In the case of lacquer painting, the brush marks were intended to remain so that it could be expressed as a glossy surface finish that humans complete through several brush strokes. and In the case of oxidation, a thin coating of anti-corrosion coating was made to allow the rough texture of oxidation to be felt.


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