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Terms & Conditions

At Movimento Club we want our customers to know their rights, feel secure to use our services and understand our commitments. The terms and conditions outline the regulations for the use of Movimento Club Platform located at

When making a purchase you are asked to confirm that you have understood the terms and conditions. If you do not confirm a purchase cannot be completed. In case of questions, please contact us at, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Be aware that we can make changes to the present terms and conditions without notice. It is, therefore, a good idea to review these terms and conditions when you find it suitable.

Product Liability

The designers at Movimento Club are liable for the design pieces they sell on Movimento Club Platform and is responsible for all information and photos relating to the pieces, including measures and descriptions of the materials. At Movimento Club, we do our utmost to ensure all information provided are correct.


If a buyer purchase a piece from a designer located in the same jurisdiction or country value added tax (VAT) is included in the price of the piece.

If a buyer purchases a piece from a designer located in a different jurisdiction/country the buyer may be liable for customs and excise duty as well as VAT payments.

Shipping costs are paid by the buyer and will be charged in addition to the price of the piece and is displayed in the total bill.

In case of an error in the price of an ordered piece, Movimento Club will inform the buyer as soon as possible and give the option to cancel or confirm the order to the correct price. The price of a piece might vary over time due to special offers and other circumstances. Special promotions may occur for certain design pieces.

Prices and other information on the pieces exhibited can be changed at any time by the designers. It is the information at the time of the purchase that has to be taken into account by the buyer.


Agreements, including oral agreements, must be confirmed in writing in order to be binding.

Purchases of design pieces can be made by any individual or legal entity legally entitled to enter into such agreements, with a valid payment method and valid delivery address. The buyer has first completed a purchase when clicking the “buy” button. 

When a buyer purchase a design piece an email is sent to the buyer confirming the order. The price of the piece will be charged from the bank account of the buyer immediately after the buyer has clicked “buy”, including shipping costs.

In the case that it is impossible to deliver an ordered design piece, Movimento Club may have to cancel the purchase.

Movimento Club offers the following payment solutions: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, JB, and PayPal. Movimento Club holds the right to change all payment solutions at all times, without further explanation.


The shipping provider of Movimento Club will deliver the design piece to the address given by the buyer within the time frame given under the shipping information of the piece.

The buyer must ensure that the address of delivery is correct and that it is possible to deliver during business hours.

In the case of extra costs for attempted delivery or similar, the customer must cover the full amount of the extra costs.

The time of delivery may depend on, and be made impossible by, external factors; force Majeure, strikes, postal delays, and other extraordinary circumstances.

Pieces damaged during shipment

It is the buyers’ responsibility to inspect the condition of the design piece upon delivery. If a piece is damaged, the buyer must contact Movimento Club within one days from receiving the piece by sending an email to The email must include the order number, contact information, date of delivery, information about the damage, name of the design piece, and a photo of the damages.

During shipment, all pieces are insured. Damages inflicted during shipment will therefore neither be at the cost of the designer or the buyer. It is, however, crucial that the buyer contact Movimento Club within one day after the piece has been received in case damages.

If a piece is damaged at delivery the buyer has the right have it repaired, or receive a new design piece, or cancel the purchase for a full refund of the total cost.


Returns are handled according to the existing law of the jurisdiction of the state or country from which the designer sell his/her design pieces. The return rights can, therefore, be different depending on where the designers are located. The return rights are clearly stated below the design piece.

In case a buyer wishes to return a design piece Movimento Club must be notified by mail to and hand over the design piece to the shipping provider before the right of return expires.

The cost of return shipments is paid by the buyer. The price of the product will be refunded within 30 days after the designer has received the design piece.

Return addresses:

It dipends from the original location of the item.


It is prohibited to distribute virus, trojan, worm, logic bomb or other harmful material through Movimento Club.

Movimento Club, designers, curators, partners, and advertisers are not liable for any damages occurring from the use of the website or Movimento Club’s services (including but without limitation to any direct and indirect damages, or loss of profits or data).

Movimento Club is responsible for the technical development and maintenance of Movimento Club Design Platform. Technical errors may occur, and in the case that it affects the decision to purchase a design piece, Movimento Club holds the responsibility to fix it. The website, or parts of it, might be unavailable at any time or for any period.

Anyone can register a user account at Movimento Club with an email address or a valid Facebook account. It is free of charge and does not carry an obligation to purchase any design piece. Users are asked to provide personal information, that should be truthful. It is not permitted to use contact details that are fake or not in use, such as email address, name, and photo. Movimento Club  reserves the right to cancel member accounts or delete content.

Users can delete their account at any time by clicking “delete” under settings.

Read more about how Movimento Club collects personal information, and what happens with the contact details you share, in our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights related to Movimento Club and Movimento Club  Platform belong to Movimento Club. This includes, but is not limited to, copyright, photo, design and trademark rights – for any creation such as copy, computer programs or marketing principles etc., with the exception of photos that belong to designers.

It is not allowed to republish, sell, rent, reproduce, duplicate or copy material published on Movimento Club Platform.

However, it is allowed to redistribute content from Movimento Club as long as Movimento Club is mentioned or linked by hyperlink or URL. In those cases Movimento Club has no responsibility or liability for any content appearing on any third party website or elsewhere.

Users, designers, and curators are not permitted to use the Movimento Club Platform to advertise for other sales channels, such as e-commerce sites, marketplaces, physical stores where the design pieces showcased at Movimento Club also can be purchased. Furthermore are the users, designers, and curators not permitted to spread spam, nor to encourage activities such as chain, pyramid or snowball practices.

Users are allowed to save or print content for personal use.

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