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MOVIMENTO is a contemporary design gallery with a strong focus on independent designers and emerging brands.

MOVIMENTO is an incubator of talent where research, innovation and originality come first.

Projects launched through MOVIMENTO are curated and selected for their originality, cultural significance and creativity.

MOVIMENTO is a place for collectors, creatives and design aficionados to discover new designers and works from around the globe. The designers within MOVIMENTO hail from more than 30 different countries, and as a result, offer us a window into the contemporary design scene around the world.

MOVIMENTO pieces have an emphasis on the unseen. Innovative materials, new manufacturing processes and unique forms all have their place within MOVIMENTO.

Whether they’re designed for, launched by or produced by MOVIMENTO, the pieces within MOVIMENTO won’t be found anywhere else. MOVIMENTOs offer is unique and reflects the forward thinking approach put in place by the curators.

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