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Algo Studio

Algo Studio

Monterrey, México

Searching for the real beauty of objects:

Based in Monterrey, México, Algo Studio was founded in 2019 by Diego Garza, architect with an MFA in Furniture Design by RISD in 2015. Their main objective is to be an active creative laboratory in the fields of object, furniture and lighting design. They care about creating contemporary objects with interesting qualities about them. They believe that the real beauty in objects resides not only in its visual appeal but more importantly in its capacity to retain our visual and tactile attention.

To keep things fresh all of the studio’s products are being made in small batches of no more than 100 – 200 units.

Codo Lamp

Codo and Valla lamps from Algo studio are designed to explore childhood memories and how they change over time.

The use of shapes and colours reminiscent of chewing gum and park slides as the subject matter taps into familiar childhood experiences. The piece highlights the mutability of memories and how they can be distorted over time by emotions and experiences.

Valla Lamp

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