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Paris, France

“mixing traditional craftsmanship with unconventionals matters”

BehaghelFoiny is a collectible design studio based in Paris. Antoine Behaghel and Alexis Foiny experience the limits of the discipline at the borders of experimentation and decor. BehaghelFoiny create new type of intuitive processes mixing traditional craftsmanship with unconventionals matters. Their joyful divagation is an alternative to heavy industry and to the standardisation of tastes that results from it. The designers duo was graduated from ENSAD in Paris. They created their first collection « Tubulures », exhibited in the Archik gallery in France. They collaborate with several institution like Centre George Pompidou in Paris, and participate in various collective exhibitions in Europe, and in New York City.


The "Tubulures" collection is a fantastical repertoire of tubular furniture pieces. These sculptural objects are produced from semi-industrial matters, twisted, and covered with coloured plaster by hand. The tubular silhouette is then declined indefinitely into lamps, candleholders, or seats. The "Tubulures" series creates a joyful and singular decor, which shakes up the gloom of our domestic universe without discretion. « Lampaposulure » is a table lamp covered with a pink texture. This collectible design piece spreads colour and light in a contemporary interior.

Explore the work of BehaghelFoiny by clicking any of the images.

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