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Florence, Italy

One-of-a-kind shapes, high-end materials & innovative manufacturing techniques:

BURGIO. founded by husband and wife Alireza Sadeh and Isabella Burgio in 2022 in Florence, Italy is a brand of furniture, tabletop & soft furnishings.

There is an intentional form and function in BURGIO’s products, but it’s important they also have feeling. The brand’s line of collectible design is a new way for the duo to experiment with one-of-a-kind shapes and materials, constantly exploring new manufacturing techniques and innovation.


fUUUUsillo stands as a testament to Burgio’s ethos, with its contemporary design mixed with classic Italian sensibility. Designed by husband and wife duo Alireza Sadeh and Isabella Burgio the Brand’s furniture reflects the desire to combine playful energy within sophisticated, functional and timeless elements. Versatile like all Burgio’s pieces, fUUUUsillo effortlessly compliments any interior, transforming your space into an elevated sanctuary.

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