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Heike Buchfelder

Heike Buchfelder

Berlin, Germany

Exploring the full potential of a material:

Heike Buchfelder is a Berlin-based designer whose manufactory, Pluma Cubic, has been synonymous with timeless light objects for years. She has been experimenting with materials since her architectural studies at the Berlin University of the Art. Heike Buchfelder investigates each of her chosen materials, such as feathers, metal and paper, with care and precision and explores their potential over long periods of time. Her current work experimentally harnesses processing techniques on glass.


ICED glass tables are a sculptural expression for a moment of transition when water undulates between solid and liquid forms, floating on the surface of moving water.

The surfaces of the white optic glass panes are deep sandblasted by hand and processed further in the presence of Buchfelder following her design specifications. The manual processing gives each table a unique surface structure and character, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Explore the work of Heike Buchfelder by clicking any of the images.

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