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Jonathan Bocca

Jonathan Bocca

Lucca, Italy

Inspired by traditions close to home:

Jonathan Bocca (1998) is an Italian sculptural designer from Lucca. He graduated in Interior Design at IED in Florence. He started his journey with a residency in Fabrica Research Center in Treviso where he had the opportunity to study and work with new materials for his sculptures and his objects. The peculiarity of his works is in fact the use of paper pulp, a material that is inspired by the tradition of Viareggio floats (a place very close to the sculptor) and that could change the way in which design is conceived today, starting from the waste of large industries giving to the material a new meaning.

Sirena Lamp

Sirena is a lamp that shows how from simple paper we can create an object to be placed in our living spaces. The name "Sirena" recalls a marine entity, almost a creature from the depths of the ocean, which attracts passersby with its light.

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