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Dubai, UAE

The concealed identity of KAMEH.

KAMEH’s objects of design are centred around nature and the human self - not the singular mortal designer behind them. This is why KAMEH is masked to conceal their identity and more importantly preserve their privacy and maintain focus on the pieces. KAMEH wants viewers to enjoy the products and not be concerned about the face behind them. KAMEH is the designer, yes, but also the brand, the pieces, and the story.


It appears on the pristine white surface as though there is purity and calm, there is a simplicity to admire, and when taking a deeper look at the underside of the objects, there is a harsh contrast between the rough and imperfect body. All of KAMEH’s collections contrast the simplicity of beautiful minimal design with the functional chaos of today’s world. “There is un-perfectness in the piece,” designer KAMEH says, “there is no beauty in perfection, only imperfection.” Its imperfect, hand-sculpted form allows each piece to be wildly idiosyncratic. The rawness of KAMEH’s design is in stark contrast to the perfect geometry of any room, functioning as objects for daily use and in equal part as objects of decorative beauty.

Explore the work of KAMEH by clicking any of the images.

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