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Mirror Highlight

The nice thing about big cities, I find, is that when you walk around you’re made to feel small. Small and dominated by the beauty and architecture that surrounds us.

Walking through Milan I think about how much poetry there is to be found in the sky being reflected in the glass buildings: mirrored surfaces used with strategy and foresight, which almost distort the spatial perception of the place you are. Mirrors that make us touch the sky, mirrors that make architecture almost invisible, integrating them into the landscape without dominating or affecting it.

The same poetry is also found on a small scale, in which the line that separates the functionality of the mirror from its artistic and decorative appearance is very thin.

Sometimes, in fact, the mirror goes beyond its function to tell us a story, it becomes the reflection of time that passes and no longer an object that stops and reflects an instant.

This is what Amaury D’Hulst does with Wong: he tells us about the duality of the perception of human beings through the juxtaposition of contradictory forms. He has upset the concept of mirror: the character of human beings is no longer expressed by the person himself who is mirrored, but is the mirror-object that materializes in the complexity of the human person. It is the mirror that concretely represents characteristics and feelings through shapes and colours.

WONG Mirror Manatsu Mirror

The chromatic aspect also stands out particularly in Manatsu. Equally, it is a mirror that exceeds its function by leading us to contemplate a real work of art, which goes beyond the reflection of our image.

Mirrors whose main character is colour and which through the combination of colour and mirror surface give a strong idea of dynamism are also Meteorite by 06D Atelier and Absence by Celo.1.

Meterorite Mirror Absence

Asata and Walac instead play with shapes, making the mirror a decorative element that elevates the space in which they are inserted.

Kit Christo Mirror Room for Irregularities Mirror

Then, Studio Zero and Ocrum, use other materials to heighten their designs and to add decoration to their pieces.

Composizione Astratta Snowmotion

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