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Artistic Reflections

Recently we’ve had some amazing new mirrors come through Movimento. The most astonishing thing about them though is the absolute variety between each and every one of them. With changing the shape of the mirror, creating an exciting frame, changing the colour of the mirror, using vinyls or combining with other materials, there is really so much you can do with mirrors and these designers are showing just that. A mirror is truly a piece of functional art and these mirrors are proof of that:

The Take Two mirrors from Vahe Ensemble use paper pulp to create unique & imperfect frames.

La Celebracion by Mexican Studio Joyful Objects, Yes! Use either a hand woven fibre or fibreglass to create the wonderful freestanding mirror you can see here.

Phases of the Moon by Sipyeong Lee use inlaid leather to create a series of mirrors resembling the lunar cycle.

Composizione Astratta by Studio Zero uses a combination of brass, mirror and black glass to create unique geometries.

Absence by CELO.1 uses a combination of mirror, glass and vinyl to create the effect seen here.

Explore these pieces and more at Movimento Club.

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