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Material Innovation

Within Movimento we are proud to have so many designers doing such original and innovative things with materials. It’s no secret that there has been a huge push in recent years to produce materials and products which are less damaging to our environment. Some huge companies have been tackling the issue of sustainability within design and coming up with some great solutions. Here at Movimento we have always said that the future is in the hands of young designers and that is most true within sustainable materials. We have designers developing their own materials, some using recycled and recyclable materials and others finding innovative ways to use the resources we already have to astonishing results. Take a look below:

TC Floor Lamp 01 Secondo Fuocco

Take these two for example, both ThusThat and Tipstudio have developed products using slag, the byproduct of production or refining of metal. The solidified foamy slag which is usually discarded, is instead harnessed for its incredibly unique and varied properties, showcased in these two products.

Native Light Terra Eternity

And then we have two designers who have created completely new materials. Hot Wire Extensions create bone-like structures created from a mixture of nylon powder - a byproduct of 3D printing - and sand and using a process which is completely unique to any other. Yoon Seok-hyeon has produced a fully cyclical piece. These tables, made from a mixture of sand, soil and a natural adhesive can be easily recycled or just returned to the earth without polluting.

Anthracite Coal Pendant Light Ondulado Console

Jesper Eriksson has sourced un-used Anthracite Coal from Wales, and used it to produce a range of pieces from side tables, to consoles and for these pendant lights. Cara\Davide have produced this amazing console from an internal structure of corrugated sheet metal. Undeniably, with this impressive pool of fresh ideas and originality from only 6 of our designers, the future of design is really in the hands of young designers.

Explore these pieces and more at Movimento Club.

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