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It all comes back. We are always looking forward, but we are constantly inclined to return to the original stages of something because that's where we feel safe.

Is it the primordial and natural aesthetic that we’re attracted to?

This tendency is visible in a number of interiors where rough, essential, deliberately unfinished spaces are complemented by iconic and contemporary furniture. The designs and materials of which are emphasized by being framed in such a way.

Thus the original is contrasted with the new, the designed with the natural, the artifact with the authentic, the finished with the raw, the colour with the concrete, the unfinished with the meticulously detailed, the rocks and the mountain with fashion.

Galleria Paura

Artefatto Design Studio Projects

Conversely, sometimes it is simply the product that enhances the material in its purest form.

Softness and fullness of shapes enhance the porous material of the Neolithic Thinker Stool, while with Terra Eternity, Yoon Seok-hyeon not only conveys the uniqueness of the material, but also its life. With the gaze of those who pay attention to their surroundings, Yoon Seok-hyeon has created a completely and easily recyclable object.

See below some of the products we consider to have particularly strong material presence:

Anthracite Coal Console Twin Rocks Shattered Coffee Tables

Jesper Eriksson Tools for Progress Daniel Nikolovski

Rita Bench

Anna Horvath

Neolithic Thinker Secondo Fuocco Terra Eternity

Panorammma Atelier TIPSTUDIO Yoon Seok-hyeon

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