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Return of Gold

We recently received some incredible pieces in cast bronze from Toronto-based Studio Mercury Bureau, headed by Shane Krepakevich.

Mercury Bureau designs limited-edition objects that emerge from experimentation. Drawing from a background in Geology and contemporary art, Shane designs sculptural editions that achieve complex results with the simplest means. The pieces are a series of stem blocks and a table-top tray, both playing with a contrast in polished and raw finishes. Take a look below.

The Stone and The Pebble Series by Mercury Bureau

Proxy Vessel by Mercury Bureau

We love this imperfect golden finish but it got us thinking; is it time that gold had it's revival?

It’s no secret that black, silver and saturated colours are in full force at the moment and ultimately ruling the contemporary design market but where does that leave the ever-loved and lauded after bronze, brass and gold? Do they still have a place in the contemporary market or are these finishes reserved for luxurious and traditional pieces and interiors? We’ve gathered some pieces from Movimento members which use gold, brass or bronze but in minimal or contemporary ways. Please take a look below.


Secondo Fuoco Low Table Coral Royale

Norma #1

Hubert Pendant Flow Chair

Cream Light

Explore these pieces and more at Movimento Club.

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