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Colourless Appeal

Steel, Aluminium, Iron and other metal alloys have made a welcome transition from industrial and commercial construction into contemporary, high-end interior design. We see a lot of amazing projects coming from various corners of the world which use the natural finish of brushed stainless steel to great effect.

In more recent years, this has transitioned past interiors and into furniture design with a much greater number of these natural metal finishes than ever before.

Below, we explore why this finish has such versatility and appeal.Find below a selection of Movimento pieces in this natural silver finish.

It’s clean. The lack of colour, subtle texture and pale tone allows you to focus more on the form and details of the piece. In the slice series (left), any more texture or colour would take away from the game that the designers are playing. In the case of coffee table No.7 (right) the subtle texture allows the details to be highlighted and so you start seeing every element of the piece as a deliberate decision from the designer.

It reflects. The flat surfaces of the Bunny Table (left) allow the piece to almost disappear into the room becoming both striking yet unobtrusive, whereas the textured surface of Crest and Trough (right) allow it to pick up and distort elements of the room, reflecting the colours of its environment.

It pairs well. Something we’ve learned from the contemporary interiors we’ve seen using steel finishes, it pairs amazingly with bright, saturated colours. In the Inlay series (left) the steel is paired with a bright orange leather, designed to tarnish through use. In the case of the Tighten Table (right) the raw aluminium finish is paired with blue in the form of tension belts.

Explore these pieces and more at Movimento Club.

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