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The Ceramics Edit

Ceramics as a practical material have a history almost as old as the human race yet the technology and the techniques around ceramics are constantly being developed. Because of this, the variety of forms, finishes and styles is huge. Let’s look at just a few from our designers.

Isola Side Table


Isola is a set of side tables with a very contemporary aesthetic, it shows how an old artform is constantly being evolved.

Pillar Side Table

Jayoung Kim

Ceramics give a huge amount of freedom when establishing forms of a piece. The raw material is easily manipulated so very complex forms can be created.

Column Shelving

David Derksen

The column series has been developed in collaboration with ceramic specialists WL Ceramics. Here, a highly polished piece has the aesthetic of solid metal.

Round Cabinet

MYK Studio

The round cabinet is an example of MYK Studio's playful approach paired with absolute expertise within the manufacturing process. Soft curves and a unique texture are made possible by using ceramics.

Terra Eternity

Yoon Seok-hyeon

Terra Eternity is created with a mixture of sand, soil, and natural adhesive & reinforces the material's practical and aesthetical values as showing its raw texture and colour. We’ll leave it up to you if this classes as ceramic or not.

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