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For a while, Seoul has been known to some as a top design destination and was even named World Design Capital in 2010. Despite the increasing speed of globalisation, that message took some time to reach the rest of us. Given its growing reputation for design, there’s no surprise then that it should harbour some excellent talent. Visiting Seoul, you can see why it’s been heralded as such a design capital, visiting places like the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Starfield Library or Onion cafe which all show the forward thinking ideas we’ve come to expect from Korean design.

Within Movimento, we’ve been lucky enough to receive some incredible applications from designers coming from Seoul and the surrounding areas. As expected, these designers are doing great things, each with a touch of the Seoul energy which is becoming so attractive to us.


Chaeyoung Lee is a designer and craft artist based in Seoul. She works on furniture and objects inspired by the idea of every life. Her work is characterized by unique proportions and textures.


Slice series is a project that shows the balance of tension and relaxation in form. A series of stainless steel side tables and stools with contrasts in polished and brushed steel finishes.


Dongwook Choi’s work is always experimental and has a great interest in scientific phenomena, patterns of nature, and organic shapes or forms. Understanding them in workable proportions, and then transferring them onto his work.


Sohn’s last name means "hand" and "craftsmanship" in Korean.

His origin of thinking is based on all-time values and people`s daily life in contemporary society. He is trying to seek new alternatives through experiments and observations.


Seungjoon Song is a multidisciplinary designer based in Seoul and deals with the process of capturing and portraying the interpretation of monochromatic colours as a result of three-dimensional objects.


Hyukjoon Choi is a designer working on design, sculpture, craft and installation in Seoul. He is interested in the harmony and interaction between space and objects with people, and focuses more on the essence of materials, forms.


Joseph Yang is a furniture and objet artist based in Seoul. His work is focused on various elements related to architecture. He works on incorporating some architectural elements into furniture and crafts through studies such as architectural structure and materials.


Sipyeong Lee is an artist based in Seoul who combines various conceptual elements to create a harmoniously blended piece of art. He particularly emphasises the object’s unique nature and values balanced composition.


Jayoung Kim is a ceramic artist based in Seoul.

She works on sculptures and collectible design with ceramic as a medium. She uses stoneware and glaze, and produces works using hand building techniques.


Kim Bo Kyoung’s Repression series illuminates the sick in a society where he or she cannot fully concentrate on oneself who is hurt by others and lives under the control of freedom of expression. It uses a combination of steel and acrylic to highlight positive and negative space.