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The key word this week is together. It’s a term that we’re hearing more and more frequently in the design world. We seem to have reached a point where the collective seems to surpass the individual. Movimento has always held the simple view that ‘together we can achieve more’.

‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’. Two minds are greater than one.

The intent is to add voices, tones, rhythms, to give life to something new. The collective, however, is certainly not new in the world of design: think of Memphis, or Superstudio. Unlike these great and revolutionary realities, however, today the collaboration no longer has the purpose of protest, but has the aim of giving added value to the final product.

Superstudio Memphis Group

We are trying - together - to go beyond the formats already known, without the fear of competition, without the fear of taking risks, but rather using the comparison and collaboration with other realities to show different and new aspects of our reality.

The new generation of designers brings the concept of collaboration into their design thinking. We trust, share, and appreciate the work of others. This need to team up also leads to a transversal union of minds, so much so that the boundaries between the different design disciplines are now blurred.

Today the world of music speaks to that of the home (Swedish House Mafia - Ikea), high fashion knocks on the door of car manufacturers (Balenciaga - Mercedes), fast fashion flourishes when combined with the names of architects (Zara Home - Vincent Van Duysen).

Swedish House Mafia x Ikea - OBEGRÄNSAD Balenciaga x Mercedes-AMG Vincent Van Duysen x Zara Home

Everything is intersected, interconnected, contaminated.

MOVIMENTO recognises this whirlwind of new stimuli, research, the need to go further, to innovate, to share, giving the possibility to countless designers to be part of a constantly evolving reality, which believes that the community will always give added value to any project.

Below, you can find a selection of the collaborative pieces we’re proud to represent within Movimento:

Jeongho Ko x Hyongho Park Felix Pöttinger x Rosa Kammermeier

Slice Series Ataraxia Vase



TIPSTUDIO x Fonderia Artistica Versiliese Sipyeong Lee x Sisan Lee

Secondo Fuoco Vases Inlay Bench

CARA\DAVIDE x Portego ARTEFATTO x Art et Floritude

Isola Honey Sketch Mini

Tomasso Spinzi x Studio F

Planar 00

Explore these pieces and more at Movimento Club.

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