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Milan, Italy

Bringing love, beauty and colour into the world:

Arequipe was born with the intention of turning a personal philosophy into a shared philosophy: seeing what surrounds us with love, capturing beauty in all its forms. Arequipe is love for people, for things, and especially for the world that hosts us: care and attention for the planet and those who live on it. In the same way, our products want to bring love, beauty, and colour into homes.

The duo behind Arquipe bring us love, beauty and colour in the form of two hand-tufted rugs crafted by the pair themselves.

Love's got hole - Arequipe

Love’s got hole & San Felice are both part of the collection “Le mie vacanze”: Arequipe's way of telling us about memories and great loves.

Fabrics, shapes, colors and emotions that become the symbol of happy days.

San Felice - Arequipe

Explore the work of Arequipe by clicking any of the images.

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