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Elif Erguvan

Elif Erguvan

Istanbul, Turkey

Inspired by both contrasting and complimenting expressions of nature and people.

Elif Erguvan was born and raised in Istanbul and currently resides in London. After studying Product Design at Central Saint Martins, she transitioned into architecture and interior design. Applying her detail-oriented perspective to larger physical spaces, Elif developed a broad portfolio of high-end retail and residential projects. Through this experience, she developed her unique vision for design, which led to the formation of her own brand of interior and furniture design.

Elif strives to create spaces and furniture that are playful but refined. Inspired by both contrasting and complimenting expressions of nature and people, Elif aims to synthesise these elements of life in a way that inspires and comforts. Each piece and space presents a visual and tactile harmony that exists outside of a certain era. Dancing the line between organic and industrial, Elif’s pieces challenge their own materiality and enhance the space around them.


The bolt dining table elegantly combines glossy lacquer with industrial metal details. The bolt-like fittings that crown each leg accentuate the textural contrast between the fluted legs and the soft tabletop curves.

Bolt is available in a number of finishes and dimensions.

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