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Estudio Mais Alma

Estudio Mais Alma

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Work that has a strong connection with art.

Created by the architect and designer Gabriela Campos, Estúdio Mais Alma is a design studio based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her work has a strong connection with art: a contemporary, yet welcoming approach, with clean lines, soft palettes and fine details.


To find inspiration for this piece, Gabriela delved into the dreamlike landscape of the work “Composição (Figura Só)”, by Tarsila do Amaral (1930). A strong wind beats down on a lone female figure in a melancholy night landscape.The work is a consequence of her way of experiencing the world and feeling the pain of separation from the poet Oswald de Andrade. Estudio Mais Alma bring a new look to this very delicate moment in the artist's life, giving new meaning to the work through rounded shapes full of movement. The choice of colors respected the hues, present in every detail, uniting a strong soul with fluid and organic lines.

Explore the work of Estudio Mais Alma by clicking any of the images.

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