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Gerlach & Heilig

Gerlach & Heilig

Stuttgart, Germany

Reinterpreting lost thoughts into objects:

Kyra Heilig and Lenn Gerlach are two German Designers who are working together as a Duo as well as independently. Both graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart in 2022. In order to work towards a holistic approach to design, they are particularly interested in the reinterpretation of lost thoughts and the process of transforming them into objects, furniture, or installations. The multiple layers of subtle references in their work continuously reflects the interdisciplinary exchange with professionals from various fields other than design.

Fragments of Mining - Gerlach & Heilig

Various phenomena are put together in a collage-like manner through our furniture typological perception to form 6 objects from different fragments and staged in an installation. The resulting objects relate to and elude the typology of furniture. They do not specify a concrete use, nor do they pretend to carry any use at all in the classical sense. As a quotation from museum suspensions of fossils, metal connectors were designed to join the fragments of the stones together. They refer to the period of origin of the different stones by means of embossed dates. For this type of slate, this means that 5 mm of material thickness equals 1000 years of creation time.

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