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Giulia Archimede

Giulia Archimede

Florence, Italy

Everyday objects that carry with them the sign of their ancient history.

A destiny that seemed already written, a passion for horsemanship, that would have made a brilliant career.

Then, like it usually happens in life, a round of cards breaks it up, and the Florentine Giulia Archimede, with a passion for nature, art and craftsmanship has to take a different tack. Interior decor is the key to give expression to her unedited creative vision: not only the concept and product but a spiritual idea of the everyday life, of the materials and of the project.

After living several years in Cape Town and Helsinki, and collecting experiences under a human and professional point of view, she moves back to italy to create her own projects. In Pietrasanta, between foundries and marble quarries, she encounters the great wisdom of master craftsmen that will help her make her products a great example of Italian manufacturing.

Everyday objects that carry with them the sign of their ancient history.


Rebirth is a light sculpture in onyx, created to illuminate the path of those who recognize not only its functional and aesthetic value, but especially for those who understand its energetic, soothing and vibrational power. Rebirth is an egg of light, expression of a form of design that meets the energetic rebirth we all long for.

Obtained from onyx, with its reflections, milky and pure, Rebirth represents an object of high Italian manufacture and design. It is a vehicle of transcendence and peace.

Onyx, a stone known since ancient times for its rebalancing properties, recognized for it’s ability to transmit tranquillity, is ideal for creating a serene atmosphere. The natural veins of the stone, from which the light filters more or less intensely, are like a caress for the human soul.

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