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Maryam Turkey

Maryam Turkey

New York, USA

Maryam Turkey is an Iraqi-American artist and designer based in New York, NY. In 2009, she moved with her family as refugees to the United States, where she attended Baltimore School for the Arts high school and learned traditional fine arts. She then continued her art and design education at Pratt Institute, where she earned her Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2017. Shortly after graduation, Turkey started her own studio practice on the side while working in the design industry.

Anderson Hsu

Taipei, Taiwan

Anderson was born in Singapore, grew up in Taipei, upstate New York and Brooklyn. He graduated Pratt Institute with an Industrial Design degree. Aside from product design, he has always been interested in interior and architecture which led him to work at renowned interior design firms designing bespoke furniture and objects for luxury boutique hotels around the world. His design approach has been a balance between friendliness and sophistication. He believes good design is necessity curated in a way that awakens senses; good design is also finding familiarity in something that’s preconceived as unobtainable.

Jayoung Kim

Youngsan-gu, South Korea

Jayoung Kim is a ceramic artist based in Seoul.

She works on sculptures and collectible design with ceramic as a medium. She uses stoneware and glaze, and produces works using hand building techniques.


Stienta, Italy

Portego is a design brand which connects – through a synergy of processes and knowledge – the talents of designers with the commitment of craftsmen, leading to the production of items which express profound love for Italian manufacturing excellence.

With strong links to its home region, the Veneto, with its rich cultural, artistic and historic heritage, Portego selects the best local craft manufacturers and involves them in the production of high-design products, which are contemporary yet express echoes of the past.

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