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Jimena Montemayor

Jimena Montemayor

Mexico City, Mexico

Jimena Montemayor de la Bárcena (b.1990, Mexico City) is a multidisciplinary artist focused in the fields of contemporary art and design. Her work intertwines the relationship between aesthetics and graphics translated into a visual and responsive dialogue. From this process she is keen on exploring the manipulation of straight and puzzled lines, sharp and irregular angles, as well as amorphous and digitalized structures. Her most recent works have taken shape in various materials and dimensions, from 2D drawings and animations, to tridimensional and sculptural pieces. Currently lives and works between Mexico City and Miami.

Identity Stool - Jimena Montemayor

Identity Stool joins the series of Jimena Montemayor's unique design works, as an individual version of her 'Identity Bench', debuted this year at Salon Cosa's 3rd Edition in Mexico City Art Week.

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