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Joana Teixeira

Joana Teixeira

Porto, Portugal

Seeking to transmit the restlessness with which she observes the world.

Joana Teixeira was born in Oporto in 1995 and graduated in industrial design. From very early she realised that her path would be to express emotions through objects. Joana started her career in jewellery to fulfil the taste for detail, however she felt that her curiosity for the processes and the desire for new challenges needed to be expanded, later embarking on industrial design. Obsessed by emotions and with an extreme sensitivity, she seeks to transmit through her pieces the restlessness with which she observes the world. Creating a close relationship between object and user, mixing creative process with production, material, form and purpose. Aesthetically seeks the harmonisation of the senses, having as premises the attention to detail, sobriety, subtleness and longevity, inspiring and absorbing the chaotic beauty of the world.


ALICE is a new way of looking at the sofa as a leisure and resting space. Its ergonomic shape works like a cloud that becomes part of the body. With an ever-changing society, smaller and more individual spaces, Alice is an answer to today’s consumer behaviour.

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