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Jordan Fleming

Jordan Fleming

Melbourne, Australia

Pieces that possess an emotional impact:

Melbourne based designer and artist Jordan Fleming works with metal, plaster, pigment and timber to create sculptural and experimental furniture and lighting pieces characterised by humour and vivacious, wonky asymmetry.

Fleming’s work expresses a personal exploration with materials through her use of sculpting plaster and pigments to create pieces that possess an emotional impact; conjuring feelings as if they're living in the space, rather than solely serving a programmatic function.

Having a background in cabinet making and interior design, Fleming established her own furniture design practice in 2018. Fleming’s works have been exhibited in Melbourne Design Week (2020, 2021, 2022), At The Above Gallery (2021) and Australian Design Centre Workshopped19 (2018). Additionally, her work has been profiled in design magazine Artichoke, architecture and design blog Yellowtrace, and Frankie magazine as the winner of their 2018 Good Stuff design awards.

Bright Things - Jordan Fleming

Beginning as a collection of doodles of creatures, Bright Things evolved into objects that are big enough to become their own character, open a small porthole into the fantasy world that bubbles away in all our daydreams. The lampshades act as bodies with protruding legs, giving them theatrical personalities as if each is a character in its own pantomime.

Bright Things are your friends and our friends. They stand alongside us, brightly animated, and full of strange life and enigmatic charge.

Tall Bowl - Jordan Fleming

Tall Bowl originated as an imaginative attempt to find connection even when we can no longer occupy physical space together in the same way. Displaying its own free-form energy, the work is emblematic of Fleming’s experimental furniture, which gives rise to one-of-a-kind design with a disarming affect.Fleming’s designs stem from her interest in imbuing objects with emotive effect, capable of conjuring feelings of happiness and empathy within the viewer.

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