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Joseph Yang

Joseph Yang

Seoul, South Korea

Joseph Yang is a furniture and objet artist based in Seoul. His work is focus on various elements related to architecture. He works on incorporating some architectural elements into furniture and crafts through studies such as architectural structure and materials.

He works using raw materials like wood, metal, concrete according to the direction of the project. and the main characteristic of his work is to simplify and reinterpret materials familiar to people into unfamiliar works.

Two by Series - Joseph Yang

TWO-BY SERIES is works made by stacking layers of structural wood called two-by SPUSE.

Just like stone masonry, standardized two-by woods repeats stacking.

Through the repetitive process, it is reminiscent of the work technique of abstract painting that returns to the basics of the structure (dot-line-surface) and approaches the pure sculpture of the material.

They are reinterpreted in the natural pure form of the material across the function.

The purpose of use is no longer important.

The way to utilize them found in the construction site is to minimize the demand for function and to realize the beauty of free form.

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