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Kim Bokyoung

Kim Bokyoung

Incheon, South Korea

Kim Bo Kyoung is a Korean designer based on Industrial design.

She currently holds a master's degree in furniture design from Hong-Ik University, with three bachelor's degrees in Furniture design, and Industrial design Department of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering from Mokwon University.

Repression Series - Kim Bo Kyoung

These days, the boundaries of feelings of emotion are significantly blurred. Although People have various emotions, they are easily handled by oneself or others. The Oppression series illuminates the sick in a society where he or she cannot fully concentrate on oneself who is hurt by others and lives under the control of freedom of expression. What is the suppression of the emotion you are feeling right now? Can the suppression of emotions become extinct?

Explore the work of Kim Bokyoung by clicking any of the images.

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