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Istanbul, Turkey

Finding the balance:

Founded by Sule Kursuncu, Kolektt is a design studio for creating collectible pieces. Sule studied architecture in Istanbul and Vienna. After years of her professional career in various design offices, she founded Kolektt where she combines her design practice with material love.

While Kolektt reflects the designer’s very own journey, the brand is inspired by the limitless experiences of materials and manufacturing processes. Each collection is the result of intense exploration and passion for architecture, materials, and craftsmanship.

Every Kolektt piece is handmade by local manufacturers and skilled craftsmen in Istanbul.

Lock Series - Kolektt

Lock, the first series of Kolektt is based on the idea of joining one single form to another.

In principle, two L-shaped pieces of different sizes create balance by interlocking. The linear form, which is striking at first glance, and its holistic stance consisting of one single solid material, give ‘Lock, a sculptural attitude.

Explore the work of Kolekkt by clicking any of the images.

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