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Lieutenant Furniture Design

Lieutenant Furniture Design

Melbourne, Australia

Founder of Lieutenant & Co Haberdashery, Lieutenant Pictures and the principal designer of Lieutenant Furniture Design, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Davy’s Lieutenant & Co. Haberdashery specialises in early 20th century inspired designer menswear labels and rare antiques dated back from 1910s. The company offered a plethora of goods ranging from vintage homewares, cast iron furniture and industrial lamps to small enamel displaying boards, all meticulously hand picked from Japan. His showroom was featured multiple times on local well known media such as The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Broadsheet and more for its unique retail experiences as well as its futuristic architectural features of the showroom inspired by Japanese architect Mr. Kisho Kurokawa’s Nakagin Capsule Tower.

Lieutenant Furniture Design is an expansion in Lieutenant & Co.’s universe, reimagining the ideologies of the New York World’s Fairs from 1939 & 1964, recreating retro-futuristic and brutalist sculptural furniture designs in his interpretation. His ‘W.O.T. Chair’ was exhibited at a prestigious local art gallery early this year and since then it has garnered much interest from galleries nationwide for its strikingly minimalistic design.

W.O.T Chair - Davy Chu

‘W.O.T. Chair’ is your portal to the future past. This surrealistic sculptural lounge chair is not only aesthetically ergonomic but also it exudes a sense of privacy and personal space to sit back and unwind. W.O.T Chair is inspired by the 1930s – 1960s era concept automobiles as well as the ideologies of the 1939 & 1964 New York World’s Fair – in retrospect of the fair’s concept; reimagining “The World of Tomorrow”.

Made by fibreglass reinforced plastic, single piece moulded with hand painted finish. For indoor use only.

Explore the work of Davy Chu by clicking any of the images.

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