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Milena Kling

Milena Kling

Berlin, Germany

“holistic, thoughtful and sustainable craftsmanship”

Milena Kling´s work is based on her natural sensibility for atmosphere and space, a great sense for high quality contemporary craft and new design processes for traditional artisanship. Combined with her approach for holistic, thoughtful and sustainable craftsmanship and life.

Founded in 2012, Berlin based Milena Kling successfully established her material driven Studio for contemporary glass work and envisions bespoke design concepts for thoughtfully artisan crafted glass and finest table culture.

With an intuitive understanding for traditional artisanship and tactile material transformations, she develops her bespoke products, installations and objects for a growing number of collectors, private clients, fine dining restaurants and architectural projects.

SeaGlass - Milena Kling

Genuine sea glass takes 20 to 100 years to acquire its characteristically ground texture and shape. Our handmade objects are the result of many hours spent on the beaches searching for these objects shaped by the ocean’s indivisible union of untamed strength and gentle movement to become a reminder of the infinite tactility of time.

Arranged as a gathered collection of natural aesthetic or displayed as a highlighting centerpiece to remind us on the beauty of slowness.

All Reflections - Milena Kling

The REFLECTION series of three-dimensional glass mirroring sculptures is mouth blown into soft volumes. Reflecting all around, the fluid sculptures expand our surroundings. Transforming solid matter into alive and responding objects, the sculptures distort our personal reflections, to reconnect with oneself and the natural environment.

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