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Millim Studio

Millim Studio

Rome, Italy

Millim is a multidisciplinary creative studio. Founded in Rome in 2016 by Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli. Their gaze is aimed at the research and construction of new forms of expression that create stable connections between culture, art, design and communication. Design as desire. For the duo it is the sense of things that excites. Where the need ends, the desire takes shape. In this mental space, Millim Studio develops the intention of each new project. The studio works in the fields of creative consultancy, art direction, product design and collectible design, with particular attention in concept development, content creation and storytelling.

In 2019 the studio won the Wallpaper* Design Award in the “Best Dream Design Factory” category. Today Chiara and Edoardo teach at Design Academies and collaborate with Galleries, Companies and Brands in Italy and abroad.

Miscellaneous - Millim Studio

Miscellaneous investigates the concept of “variety” understood as relative, unique and unpredictable. For the realization of the project, a series of scraps fragments from the marble sculptures were recovered and collected; many pieces of matter that show themselves in their beauty and variety of shapes. Lost in this sublime multiplicity of portions of marble, it was the material itself that suggested the process and the aesthetics of the unique piece.

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